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Our Mission

To evoke all human senses simultaneously at the deepest level and curate the highest level of service & engagement within the hospitality industry for experiential travelers.


About the Founder

Concept and brand founder, Eric M Smith grew up knowing nothing else aside from escaping the New York inner city borough of Brooklyn. Son of a commercial pilot, his earliest memories at the age of 6 were of Rio De Janeiro’s golden beaches. Horseback riding with gauchos in Argentina, riding with elephants in Thailand, touring Italy from north to south and admiring the soul of each city.

Covering most of the Caribbean islands and continents before the age of 10, he knew that the experiences of all things travel related would be a life long passion.

Understanding that within each experience, every handshake and smile, the life of a traveler can be reshaped. He states: “To be reborn through a unique travel experience is the gift I always want to give anyone that is close to me”.

Having a major in finance and minor in psychology, there was always a weight placed on what makes humans tick. After exiting a full time career in finance & tech, real estate became a passion for the founder. Merging niche experiences with real estate brought him back to his purpose of being and in 2020 Eighty Acres was established.

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